Anyone who would like to present his work at the EBCP conference, either orally or as a poster, is invited to submit an abstract for consideration by the EBCP Congress Organizing Committee before the 30th of June.

Scheduling of poster sessions & abstract presentations is at the discretion of the EBCP Congress Organizing Committee.

While submitters may indicate their preference for oral or poster presentation, the final decision is made by the Congress Organizing Committee.

Every attempt will be made to program abstracts according to the requests of authors, yet requests for oral presentations cannot be guaranteed.

Submission of an abstract constitutes a formal commitment by the presenting author to attend the conference and present the abstract (if accepted) orally or as a poster in the session and at the time assigned by the Congress Organizing Committee.

Expenses associated with the preparation, submission and presentation of an abstract are the responsibility of the presenting authors, but all presenters of accepted oral abstracts can receive reimbursement of their travel & accommodation costs up to 500€ and reimbursement of the registration fee after sending their invoices to the Congress Organizer by using the Twizzit expense claim form.

These costs will be reimbursed after the meeting.


For standardization, the total length of the abstract must not exceed 300 words.The abstract title should clearly define the content of the paper.

The body of the abstract will be structured as follows with the following subtitles:

- Introduction

- Material & Methods

- Results

- Conclusion

- References

Authors: All author names should be included.
The name of the presenting author will be identified with an asterisk.
Ensure that the correct spelling is confirmed for all contributing authors.

Affiliations: Each affiliation should be specified. Affiliations will include the primary employer or institution name, and location.

Permissions: It must be specified whether the work is being, or has been, submitted for publication or presentation elsewhere, and, if so, indicate how the submissions differ.


All submitting authors must disclose, on behalf of all other authors of the abstracts, any conflicts of interest during the abstract submission.


All abstracts will be subjected to a single blind review process by a panel of international experts in the field.

Mean scores will be calculated for each abstract and based on this they will be allocated to oral or poster presentations, or they may be rejected.

There will be an award for best poster and abstract, based on the results of the review.


Only submitting authors will be notified by e-mail if their abstract has been accepted.

Date, time, and type of their presentation will be confirmed.

It is the responsibility of the submitter to notify the other coauthors of the outcome decision.


Any request for withdrawal should be sent to before August 31, 2023.

Failure to communicate withdrawal may lead to rejection of submissions for future EBCP congresses.


For further questions, please contact San-Mari van Deventer –